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Before I lose my right to free speech….

2010-11-16 @ 20:33
Categories: Life,Miscellaneous
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Dear Congress,

It has come to my attention that we are losing the so called “War on Terror.” Maybe it is because the war was named so without actually looking up the definition to the word, so I will provide the dictionary definition for your reference:

terror [ˈterər]


  1. extreme fear : people fled in terror | [in sing. ] a terror of darkness.
    • the use of such fear to intimidate people, esp. for political reasons : weapons of terror.
    • [in sing. ] a person or thing that causes extreme fear : his unyielding scowl became the terror of the Chicago mob.
    • ( the Terror) the period of the French Revolution between mid 1793 and July 1794 when the ruling Jacobin faction, dominated by Robespierre, ruthlessly executed anyone considered a threat to their regime. Also called reign of terror .
  2. (also holy terror) informal a person, esp. a child, who causes trouble or annoyance : placid and obedient in their parents’ presence, but holy terrors when left alone.


have (or hold) no terrors for someone not frighten or worry someone.


late Middle English : from Old French terrour, from Latin terror, from terrere ‘frighten.’


Arto is in Chicago!

2007-09-18 @ 21:22
Categories: Travels
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While spending my last week in America with Laura in Indiana, Arto arrived in Chicago to begin his new studies.  Seeing as Laura and Arto missed each other last time she was in Egypt, and this would be Arto’s first time living in a foreign country, we felt a road trip was in order.  Unfortunately there aren’t many pictures, but I hope you can enjoy the ones that I did manage to snap. (more…)

My Grandpa’s Birthday

@ 21:14
Categories: Life
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Better late than never, or late as usual in my case…  A little over a month ago some of the family got together to eat some fondue and drink some delicious wine in celebration of my Grandpa’s 80th birthday.  It was fun, and delicious. (more…)

Jolly old San Francisco

2007-07-30 @ 00:30
Categories: Travels
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In order to celebrate Laura’s upcoming birthday, I thought she’d enjoy a nice day trip to that old city on the bay, you guessed it, San Francisco.  I’m sure the title of the post didn’t clue you in or anything…

I took her to see the joy and craziness of Fisherman’s Wharf, where we could gaze at the bay, peruse the shops (including a pirate store), and enjoy some clam chowder with genuine San Franciscan sourdough bread.  Then we took a drive to see the Golden Gate Bridge and a spot I know in Pacific Heights where you can see a magnificent view of the city and a quite well endowed robot.  After that, I took her to the Palace of Fine Arts to take some pictures of the beautiful architecture and be like kids and play at the Exploratorium.  We got our fill of science and fun, so we decided it would be time to peruse the beautiful Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park, which was just beautiful.  And of course, no trip to San Francisco would be complete without a stroll through China Town with a nice Dim Sum dinner!  By this time it was getting quite late, so we concluded our trip with a visit to Ghirardelli Square for an (un)healthy quantity of chocolate for the pretty lady.

I hope you enjoy the plethora of pictures I posted from this trip. (more…)

Back in the USA

2007-06-07 @ 17:05
Categories: Travels
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Well, it’s been a long year in Egypt, but I am finally done! I left Egypt-land quickly after finishing my finals, to celebrate with my buddy Paul on my 20 hour beer drinking layover in London-town. Now I have returned to the States, where I am currently spending time with my lady here in Indiana. I will remain here till the 12th, then I’ll be taking good ol’ ghetto airlines, (aka Southwest), back to Sacramento, where I expect to see several of you guys for a pint or two.Till then, Cheers! (more…)

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