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Back in the USA

2007-06-07 @ 17:05
Categories: Travels
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Well, it’s been a long year in Egypt, but I am finally done! I left Egypt-land quickly after finishing my finals, to celebrate with my buddy Paul on my 20 hour beer drinking layover in London-town. Now I have returned to the States, where I am currently spending time with my lady here in Indiana. I will remain here till the 12th, then I’ll be taking good ol’ ghetto airlines, (aka Southwest), back to Sacramento, where I expect to see several of you guys for a pint or two.Till then, Cheers! (more…)

Oh yeah, I was in London back in August…

2006-11-25 @ 23:28
Categories: Travels
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Due to all the fighting to get DSL here in Egypt, I have been unable to upload the pictures from traveling with Paul back in August. In case I didn’t already state this, London is a fabulous city and we had a blast.

There are over 1000 pictures from our exploits in London, Amsterdam, Cairo, and Luxor. I haven’t filtered them or added captions for anything, so just ooh and aww at their prettiness without explanation…. Besides, you probably know just as much as I do about what you’re looking at….

Enjoy! (more…)

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