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Before I lose my right to free speech….

2010-11-16 @ 20:33
Categories: Life,Miscellaneous
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Dear Congress,

It has come to my attention that we are losing the so called “War on Terror.” Maybe it is because the war was named so without actually looking up the definition to the word, so I will provide the dictionary definition for your reference:

terror [ˈterər]


  1. extreme fear : people fled in terror | [in sing. ] a terror of darkness.
    • the use of such fear to intimidate people, esp. for political reasons : weapons of terror.
    • [in sing. ] a person or thing that causes extreme fear : his unyielding scowl became the terror of the Chicago mob.
    • ( the Terror) the period of the French Revolution between mid 1793 and July 1794 when the ruling Jacobin faction, dominated by Robespierre, ruthlessly executed anyone considered a threat to their regime. Also called reign of terror .
  2. (also holy terror) informal a person, esp. a child, who causes trouble or annoyance : placid and obedient in their parents’ presence, but holy terrors when left alone.


have (or hold) no terrors for someone not frighten or worry someone.


late Middle English : from Old French terrour, from Latin terror, from terrere ‘frighten.’


How the hell??

2008-11-14 @ 12:38
Categories: Miscellaneous
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I realize this post is a bit late after the election, but I just don’t understand how something like Proposition 8 passes in California. California is supposed to be one of the most liberal, forward thinking states in the country, but we passed a totally religiously based law? What happened to the separation of church and state? I beg of anybody to give me a truly valid reason as to how a samesex couple being married could affect anyone but themselves! Moreover, isn’t it a violation of several state and federal antidiscriminatory laws to create legislature against someone based on sexual orientation?

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