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A field trip to Akhetaton

2008-04-16 @ 10:48
Categories: Life,Travels
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At the beginning of this month we enjoyed a field trip to the site of Tell el-Amarna.  Tell el-Amarna is the site where King Akhenaton of the 18th Dynasty founded his famous city of Akhetaton.  Akhetaton was a planned city revolving around Akhenaton’s cult of the sun disk, the god Aton.

The primary purpose of this visit was for us to explore the private tombs found in the northern and southern cliff faces at the site.  I took over 300 pictures throughout these tombs, so I hope you all enjoy them. (more…)

Some Pictures…

2007-07-15 @ 12:34
Categories: Life,Travels
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After the recent demise of the original server, I realized that I had some pictures that were long due to be posted up.  So here are a bunch of pictures that I took throughout the last semester.

Enjoy! (more…)

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