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A Letter to Cairo

2010-06-21 @ 07:49
Categories: Life,Travels
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Dear friends and all who became a part of my life in Cairo,

It saddens me greatly that my time in Cairo has come to a close, and I will be leaving this city and country, for an indeterminate time. My life over the past four and a half years has been unique and unforgettable. Although I spent a lot of time with some people, and little time with others, all of my friends in Egypt will forever be in my heart. I have learned so much in my time here, things that cannot be taught in a university, and its to my friends that I have to be grateful for this. Whether they were fellow foreigners or locals, fellow students or not, they became an invaluable part of my life, sharing with me their knowledge and experiences. I will never forget my time in Egypt, and I will never forget my friends in Egypt, for they became a part of my family.

I wish to thank all of my friends in Cairo for what they have given me, and what they have shared with me. They will always have a place in my heart. I will miss them all. I hope that our paths cross again someday.

BCA Autumn Ball in Pictures

2008-10-12 @ 20:01
Categories: Life
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So, we had a wonderful time at the Autumn ball, which took place in the garden of the British Embassy.  I even won a free flight to London, yay me!  Well enjoy the photos (more…)

Break time at the BCA

2008-06-05 @ 18:34
Categories: Life
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Well, the semester has finally reached its end. It’s been so relaxing not having to worry about school work lately, but since I’m not leaving Egypt for another couple of weeks, I am left here with lots of free time. So in the evenings, I’ve been spending my time at the BCA clubhouse in Mohandiseen, which has been a blast.  I’m posting some pictures from the last couple of nights, in order to share my fun with you guys. (more…)

My 25th Birthday with pics…

2008-05-17 @ 12:03
Categories: Life
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Well last night was really fun!  Thanks to everyone than came out and drank and played pool.

I’m posting the few pictures I did take that night for your enjoyment. (more…)

A field trip to Akhetaton

2008-04-16 @ 10:48
Categories: Life,Travels
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At the beginning of this month we enjoyed a field trip to the site of Tell el-Amarna.  Tell el-Amarna is the site where King Akhenaton of the 18th Dynasty founded his famous city of Akhetaton.  Akhetaton was a planned city revolving around Akhenaton’s cult of the sun disk, the god Aton.

The primary purpose of this visit was for us to explore the private tombs found in the northern and southern cliff faces at the site.  I took over 300 pictures throughout these tombs, so I hope you all enjoy them. (more…)

Some Pictures…

2007-07-15 @ 12:34
Categories: Life,Travels
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After the recent demise of the original server, I realized that I had some pictures that were long due to be posted up.  So here are a bunch of pictures that I took throughout the last semester.

Enjoy! (more…)

The Great Miyya Shortage of 2007

2007-02-19 @ 19:07
Categories: From Mobile
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Well the last couple of days here have been oh so fun. My time has been filled with homework and enjoying the wonderful aroma of the people of this city during the lack of water… You see, we were gifted with having our neighborhood shut off from water for over two days, let’s just say riding the metro was an aromatic experience… Anyways, this morning felt like christmas where our present was the ability to not smell like that guy that lives under a bridge. Needless to say, we will be stockpiling water like squirrels in the fall, just in case… (more…)

Visitors are fun…

2007-02-01 @ 00:25
Categories: Travels
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The last few weeks have been a blast! I had the privilege of having some distinguished visitors to Egypt as my house guests. It was wonderful seeing my mom again, it had been since August when I left for London and to return to AUC for the Fall semester. It was also nice to see my friend PaPai again, who I had not seen since August as well. Albeit, it was a bit strange at first to merge my two worlds, but we all had a lot of fun together.

I took them to the Cairo Museum, showed them my school, introduced them to the Cairo Metro system, and took them shopping in Khan el-Khalili.

Also, I wanted to make sure that their visit would be very memorable, so I arranged a cruise on the Nile to see most of the sites in Upper Egypt. We took the train, first class my ass, to Luxor, where we settled onto the boat to begin our expedition. We stopped to see the temples in Edfu and Komombo on our way to Aswan. Upon arriving to Aswan we had to wake up at the crack-of-why-the-hell-am-I-awake to take a tiny micro bus for 5 hours to Abu Simbel. Although my Arabic is quite poor in my opinion, I had some fun serving as a translator to our drivers to and from Abu Simbel. Then, upon returning to Aswan sometime in the afternoon, we got to check out the temple at Philae and the Aswan High Dam. Originally our schedule had us returning to Luxor by train that night, but we opted to stay in Aswan an additional night so we could visit Elephantine, which is awesome, and the beautiful botanical garden on Kitchener’s Island. We then departed on that wonderful train to get back to Luxor. In Luxor we went to the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Hatchepsut’s temple at Deir el-Bahri, Karnak temple, and Luxor temple. All this was done in one day… For those that don’t know Luxor, it was quite the undertaking. All in all, the whole trip was a blast, the only downside was when my iPod decided to grow legs and run away from my hotel room in Luxor… No more music for Bob :-(

My mom and PaPai decided that the train was just too unbearable to endure once again, so they decided, and I love them for this, to upgrade us to the sleeper train. After that marvelous experience, I will never go to Luxor without being on the sleeper train again!

Well, after we returned to Cairo, I arranged for my good friend Arto to go with us to Giza so they could see the last standing Wonder of the Ancient World. Then the next day I arranged a day trip. We first went to see the Step Pyramid of Djoser in saqqara, enter the pyramid of Teti, (which has beautiful inscriptions all over the walls), and visit the new Imhotep Museum. I must say, the Imhotep Museum at Saqqara must be the nicest museum in all of Egypt, it was a most enjoyable visit. Next we went to Dashur, where we entered the Red Pyramid, Egypt’s first true pyramid, and took a look at the Bent Pyramid.

The last couple of weeks have been fantastic, I posted about 350 pictures from our trip, I will add more when I can get some from my mom, I hope you all enjoy them.

Also, I want to thank my mom and PaPai for coming all this way to visit with me, I had a great time. (more…)

Merry Christmas

2006-12-25 @ 03:14
Categories: Life
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Merry Christmas to everybody! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.By the way, I was not drunk when we decorated our tree, it just came out that way… That’s Egypt for you!

Enjoy! (more…)

Oh yeah, I was in London back in August…

2006-11-25 @ 23:28
Categories: Travels
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Due to all the fighting to get DSL here in Egypt, I have been unable to upload the pictures from traveling with Paul back in August. In case I didn’t already state this, London is a fabulous city and we had a blast.

There are over 1000 pictures from our exploits in London, Amsterdam, Cairo, and Luxor. I haven’t filtered them or added captions for anything, so just ooh and aww at their prettiness without explanation…. Besides, you probably know just as much as I do about what you’re looking at….

Enjoy! (more…)

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