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The iTunes Genius hates The Beatles

2008-09-20 @ 20:12
Categories: Geek

I just wanted to share a little tidbit about Apple’s new Genius feature in iTunes 8. Apple claims that the “genius” can create a playlist of songs you like that go “great together,” but it seems thats only if you don’t like The Beatles. If you attempt to use the “genius” to try to create any playlists from a Beatles track, iTunes says there just isn’t enough information.

Thanks for the massive FAIL, Apple.

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Pictures of Paris

2008-08-29 @ 03:20
Categories: Travels
Tags: , ,

As I have said before, Laura and I had a wonderful time in Paris.  It took a while to upload all of the pictures we took, but here they are.

I hope you enjoy them as you live vicariously through us ;-)

Au revoir Paris!

2008-08-28 @ 06:12
Categories: Travels
Tags: ,

So we have left Paris, and are now back in Cairo. Paris was an awesome city, and we both had a lot of fun. We took lots of pictures during our trip, and we will post them soon. Until then, here we are enjoying our last visit to a Parisian sidewalk cafe. EDIT: Sorry, the picture was accidently lost. (more…)

So we’re in Paris

2008-08-21 @ 10:57
Categories: Travels
Tags: ,

We arrived early this morning, but have no internet access at the hotel, so this is the first chance we’ve been able to get online.

We’re both pretty tired, so we haven’t really done anything exciting, except try to find free wifi… Guess where?

On our way to Paris

2008-08-20 @ 15:27
Categories: Travels

As I write this, Laura and I are sitting on a plane in Chicago, waiting to depart to Paris. This will be the first time for both of us to see this city and offend the locals by butchering their language!
We will make another post as soon as we can with some photographic evidence that this “France” place actually exists ;-)

I got a new toy!

2008-07-17 @ 19:51
Categories: From Mobile
Tags: , ,

I got a new toy and wanted to brag about it. ;-)

Sent from my iPhone (more…)

Leaving on a jet plane…

2008-06-21 @ 00:52
Categories: Life,Travels

That’s right!  I am leaving Egypt on a jet plane to return to California for the summer.  Just thought I’d announce it.

See you soon!

Kareoke with my idiotic friends

2008-06-13 @ 08:15
Categories: From Mobile
We have all been making fools of ourselves at the BCA… Just thought I’d share… (more…)

Break time at the BCA

2008-06-05 @ 18:34
Categories: Life
Tags: , ,

Well, the semester has finally reached its end. It’s been so relaxing not having to worry about school work lately, but since I’m not leaving Egypt for another couple of weeks, I am left here with lots of free time. So in the evenings, I’ve been spending my time at the BCA clubhouse in Mohandiseen, which has been a blast.  I’m posting some pictures from the last couple of nights, in order to share my fun with you guys. (more…)

My 25th Birthday with pics…

2008-05-17 @ 12:03
Categories: Life
Tags: , , , ,

Well last night was really fun!  Thanks to everyone than came out and drank and played pool.

I’m posting the few pictures I did take that night for your enjoyment. (more…)

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