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BCA Autumn Ball in Pictures

@ 2008-10-12.20:01
Categories: Life
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So, we had a wonderful time at the Autumn ball, which took place in the garden of the British Embassy.  I even won a free flight to London, yay me!  Well enjoy the photos

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Pictures of Paris

@ 2008-08-29.03:20
Categories: Travels
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As I have said before, Laura and I had a wonderful time in Paris.  It took a while to upload all of the pictures we took, but here they are. I hope you enjoy them as you live vicariously through us

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Break time at the BCA

@ 2008-06-05.18:34
Categories: Life
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Well, the semester has finally reached its end. It’s been so relaxing not having to worry about school work lately, but since I’m not leaving Egypt for another couple of weeks, I am left here with lots of free time. So in the evenings, I’ve been spending my time at the BCA clubhouse in Mohandiseen, […]

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My 25th Birthday with pics…

@ 2008-05-17.12:03
Categories: Life
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Photos from my birthday party at the BCA

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A field trip to Akhetaton

@ 2008-04-16.10:48
Categories: Life,Travels
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A field trip to the site of Akhetaton at Tell el-Amarna.

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Arto is in Chicago!

@ 2007-09-18.21:22
Categories: Travels
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A road trip to visit our friend Arto in Chicago.

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My Grandpa’s Birthday

@ .21:14
Categories: Life
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The family celebrating my Grandpa’s 80th with fondue.

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Jolly old San Francisco

@ 2007-07-30.00:30
Categories: Travels
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Celebrating Laura’s birthday with by spending the day in San Francisco.

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Some Pictures…

@ 2007-07-15.12:34
Categories: Life,Travels
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Pictures from throughout the Spring 2007 semester… Mainly field trips throughout Egypt.

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Visitors are fun…

@ 2007-02-01.00:25
Categories: Travels
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The last few weeks have been a blast! I had the privilege of having some distinguished visitors to Egypt as my house guests. It was wonderful seeing my mom again, it had been since August when I left for London and to return to AUC for the Fall semester. It was also nice to see […]

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