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How the hell??

@ 2008-11-14.12:38
Categories: Miscellaneous
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I realize this post is a bit late after the election, but I just don’t understand how something like Proposition 8 passes in California. California is supposed to be one of the most liberal, forward thinking states in the country, but we passed a totally religiously based law? What happened to the separation of church and state? I beg of anybody to give me a truly valid reason as to how a samesex couple being married could affect anyone but themselves! Moreover, isn’t it a violation of several state and federal antidiscriminatory laws to create legislature against someone based on sexual orientation?


2008-11-14 @ 18:07
mouse comments:

In all seriousness, it passed because the No on 8 campaign sort of ran at odds with itself. The Yes on 8 people ran a very politically savvy (note that has nothing to do with anything you’d attach to the word outside of politics) campaign. It’s all just so sad.

2008-11-14 @ 18:32
Bob comments:

So, you are saying that campaigns mean more to voters than the sanctity of a secular state?
Is this what the “land of the free” truly should stand for?

2008-11-14 @ 20:41
James comments:

The yes on 8 campaign ran a lot of adds that posed questions and scenarios to common ignorant people that were completely irrelevant to prop 8. These types of things scare those types of people. No on 8 should have ran adds that answered all of those things by simply saying “so what.” So what if kids are exposed to same sex marriage. There was a time when it was just as controversial to have interacial marriage…..So what if some churches may not want to perform same sex marriages but end up having to…..

I personally would like to see lots and lots of them come to CA, get married, have big parties, pay caterers, limos, and many other services, and stir up CA’s economy. It’s discriminitory and has no direct effect on anyone else.

2008-11-15 @ 01:08
Mom comments:

I told you would pass because it passed before, and I’m pretty sure the court is going to say this one is unconstitutional just like they did before, and then they’ll put it back on the ballot again and do the whole thing all over again.
A person can be smart, but people are idiots.

2008-11-21 @ 10:32
John comments:

We have the same thing in Michigan right now. Michigan voters banned gay marriage a few years ago and then this year voted for government funding for stem cell research and medicinal marijuana. I am perplexed as well by this seem contradiction in values sets. Then again, maybe there are a lot of homophobe potheads with cancer. I just never thought.

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