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She said yes!

@ 2008-11-03.16:45
Categories: Life

Last night was my 2 year anniversary with Laura, so we decided to celebrate at this wonderful restaurant, La Bodega, in Zamalek. This was some of the best food we’ve had in Cairo, I had rabbit and french onion soup, while Laura had duck and seafood soup. It was so delicious, my mouth is watering just from thinking about it! Anyway, after dinner, instead of asking for desert I asked Laura If she would marry me. Of course, she said yes, making me one of the happiest people on Earth!


2008-11-03 @ 17:04
Siobhan comments:

Congratulations Bob and Laura! Keep us posted on wedding stuff! Can we see a better picture of the ring please?

2008-11-03 @ 17:39
PXT comments:


2008-11-03 @ 23:10
Mom comments:

Welcome to the family Officially!

2008-11-04 @ 02:28
James comments:

Congrats!!!!! When and where??????

2008-11-04 @ 05:57
mouse comments:

Yay! Congrats and hugs

2008-11-12 @ 21:13
John comments:

Cheers guys! Congratulations!

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