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My new hobby…

@ 2005-11-30.02:30
Categories: Miscellaneous

AstrophotographyIn searching for something to do with my spare time, I now have a new hobby of astrophotography. I had just finished charging the new battery for my digital camera, and was dying to use it. Although, it was night time, and there really wasn’t much for me to take pictures of. While playing with the camera for a bit, I found some functions that might make it possible for me to take digital pictures of the night sky. After some experimentation, and the use of a tripod, I found a way to kinda make it work. I have posted some pictures from the other night in the gallery.
However, it seems that this camera will not work very well for this, so I am going to get out my old SLR, and take some quality pictures on film, and then have them digitized.

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